We are a passionate team that believes in transforming traditional classrooms through high-impact labs. 4Prot is one of these tools.

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Marcela Jimenez Public relations
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8 of experience
Constanza Nieto Business Advisor
Global Statups
20 years on Silicon Valley
Mauricio Lopez IT Leader
18 years of experience
Javier Ortiz CEO Business Development
8 years of experience
in academic environments

How did 4prot start?

During the last few years the models and proposals in education have been growing at an accelerated pace. Technology has permeated multiple areas within academic institutions including high-tech laboratories, state-of-the-art hardware inside classrooms, 4g and 5g connectivity, thousands of Cloud Computing platforms, AI, OIT among thousands of possibilities to choose from.

From our experience, most of these solutions require the student to travel from the classroom to the physical space where they are installed, thus limiting the access in time and availability as well as the continuity of the students in the development of the classes.

Our proposal changes that model, incorporating a virtual laboratory that both students and teachers can deploy on their computers, turning a master class that is normally taught with slides, board and marker into a prototyping laboratory where they can recreate models, propose solutions, discuss different points of view and develop proposals in a creative, critical and collaborative way having the opportunity to use the Virtual Reality version of 4Prot.

Our path until 2024

We went from our software development office to enhancing the learning experience in hundreds of classrooms at universities in LATAM.

Students who have used 4Prot said:

  • Develop projects while playing.
  • Propose creative and critical ideas.
  • Learn by creating.
  • Design your own proposals and models.
  • Co-create prototypes of processes seen in class.

Teachers have confirmed that by using 4Prot they were able to:

  • Innovate in current teaching methodologies.
  • Experience the Gamification component.
  • Deploy a prototyping lab with ease.
  • Democratize knowledge and experience.
  • increase the appropriation of knowledge.

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