Every class is a Prototype, every course is a laboratory

Create a virtual 3D
interactive class plant distribution logistic process international trade engineering class administrative process in 20 mins

4prot is a revolutionary digital learning solution for academic institutions. It facilitates the creation of virtual learning spaces for groups of students and professors in an interactive environment to work collaboratively while developing multidisciplinary projects with high interaction and learning speed. You can buy 4Prot for yourself or for your academic institution.

The Hassle-free Learning Experience

Increases creativity and appropriation of knowledge by students by up to 65%.

¿Why Students and Teachers Love 4Prot?

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I'm sharing my experience with other friends and we're all creating new things each week, learning and sharing "notes" became a new game to play with peers.

Jimmy Miller Student

I'm more like a visual learner than a classic student, the course I took using 4prot has been a game-changer experience for me.

Peter Foster Student

I've tested most of the learning solutions out there, but no one is like 4prot in terms of converging the big of a prototype with the ease of use of a game.

Charles Ryan Teacher

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    Download from Steam the versions for Windows and Mac and turn your classroom into a laboratory with your classroom into a laboratory without limits!